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Dec 6, 2013 3:00am PST
, you look at the political life today and it's largely making the case and i hope immigration reform is something that should happen. what can the leaders learn as they tackle the issues and being the leader? >> exact low. i'm not an expert in immigration, but i know this. no nation has prospered by cutting off immigration. no situation where that happens. how they get here legally is a matter of debate, but the fact is you go to silicon valley in california and out of the top five guys, maybe three are immigrants. we do not want to cutoff the brain, but we should welcome people. they say you have something to contribute to our nation? welcome. >> pastor, can i ask you about mental illness? >> sure. >> i was at an event where a woman's son committed suicide. she now goes to schools to talk to teens about these things that kids have a hard time connectioning on or talking about. she brings a dog to break the ice and try to get a conversation going. i look and wondered how she continues. what drives her. i know you had a terribly similar situation. >> yeah. mental illness is the last t
Dec 10, 2013 3:00am PST
to come to an agreement, whether it's on the budget, whether it's on the immigration deal, whether it's about, on a variety of issues, on health care, a better way to do health care. ate good question. >> who will be his f.w. de klerk. he need his partner too. >> you got a couple hundred to choose from in the house. right now you got paul ryan and patty murray striking a budget deal. i think republicans, especially republicans who are up in 2014 in the senate understand americans are ready for washington to work. so disgusted by washington. >> let's go there. we've still got more on the program on soweto and we'll be watching that event as it happens and dip in if necessary. but in washington republicans on capitol hill are bracing to push a last minute budget deal through congress before their winter recess. congressman paul ryan and senator patty murray are close to striking a deal, a small deal that would avoid another fiscal showdown yet far from the grand bargain. the proposal would not reform entitlements or tax loopholes and would do nothing to address the rising federal deb
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am PST
immigration he has foreign policy and heads up to hawaii at the end of the month. the president has a ton going on t. supporters think there is good news, maybe the website is steadying now want more of the president every day. >> obviously, the republicans will not let up despite they may be setting up politicos. mike, thanks, so much. >> have a good day, will. >> coming up, jacoby els berry to the yankees. where does that leave robinson cano who wants serious cash. we have possible suitors in sports. [ music playing ] . >> well, the little engine that could keeps chugging along the bronx. >> i don't know how they do it. >> jacoby elsberry leaving fenway, elsberry reportedly agreed to a seven year $153 million year, an option for an eighth year. the speedy fielder giving a good glove. elsbury had batted .298 last year. he's missed a lot of games. the yankees scheduled to introduce their other beg signing, brian mccann, the catcher. tomorrow. elsbury could joan him if he passes that physical. >> it will be good for the yankees. tv ratings down, ticket sales in general down. they need some
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3